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We value each and every client that comes through our doors and hope to build lasting relationships with all. Though we could go on and on about why our sober living services work, we believe that our graduates and families can say it better than we ever could. For a deeper insight into how you can benefit from our facility, check out some reviews from our wonderful community.

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Maxwell is a dedicated advocate for recovery and personal growth, deeply grateful to work for the very program that transformed his life. Through his journey, he discovered the path to manhood and now strives to guide others towards the same profound realization. Maxwell’s commitment and passion are evident in his unwavering support for those seeking a fresh start, and integration into our recovery community.

  1. We have homes near Redondo Beach and Los Angeles to help young men with personalized program options.
  2. To add, he wanted to transform their lifestyles and teach them life skills necessary to succeed.
  3. When I got to Answer House Review Jada saw something in me that I couldn’t yet see in myself.
  4. They have helped me gain so many tools and resources that I need to flourish.
  5. To learn more about who we are and the services we provide, give us a call or visit our admissions pages today.

From Our Families

Hamas says it has treated the hostages well compared with Israel’s treatment of Palestinian prisoners, a claim that Israeli officials deny. There are no words that could ever express the gratitude I have for this recovery home. I have been in a few different ones and Answer House Review has by far surpassed my expectations and my wildest imaginations. Today, I know what service work is and I know I’m able to give that to my newest sisters.

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Mac Morrill spent years working in tv before he discovered his passion for recovery. It was not until he went through miracle house that he realized what his life was missing; sobriety, integrity, and community. Since learning this, he has made it a priority to share this new way of living with young men who are struggling as he did. Known for their strategic acumen, David excels in cultivating impactful connections within the community and driving collaborative initiatives.

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An alcoholic himself, Perry had been through a recovery center that emphasized identifying and modifying self-sabotaging behavior. After the house, he spent time case managing at Clear Recovery Center, facilitating groups about sobriety. Cole has a unique passion for helping young men recover and create the life they’ve always dreamed of. In his spare time, you can find Cole on the tennis court, or curled up watching a good film.

Lance has been participating with New Life for 2 years, and says that some of his best memories have been from his involvement at the houses. He is from Las Vegas and enjoys having fun in sobriety, spending time with his community, and staying active. He says that going through New Life taught him to adopt responsibility and value his relationships, and he wishes to help others with doing the same. He prides himself being a part of the community, as well as being a part of the guys lives. He strives to create the same environment that he experienced so that can be the case for others. John has been working as an assistant manager since the beginning of 2023 and his focus is to bring the love and tolerance that he was so freely given.

Their passion for supporting individuals on their recovery journey is reflected in their ability to convey the mission of New Life through effective marketing campaigns. We take pride in providing a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment to heal and transform. Take a tour of the best sober living homes in Los Angeles today and feel the difference.

Psychiatrists, facilitators, and educators are among the professionals who partner with our sober living homes in Los Angeles. Many of our partners have worked with us for several years, and all are considered part of the New Life family. We believe that for your loved one to successfully Answer House Review Review recover, the process should be a partnership. Our family program structure is built to provide support, guidance, and education every step of the way. We also involve community healing by connecting families within the home to create a network of support and accountability.

Answer House Review is proud to offer a supportive, structured environment that garners positive feedback. We would love to make a healing impact on your life as we have on so many others. To learn more about who we are and the services we provide, give us a call or visit our admissions pages today.

At Answer House Review, we are dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable recovery environment for young men. Our Southern California sober living homes and community addresses all the behavioral issues fueled by addiction. To learn more about our programs and get started today, please visit our admissions page.